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IHI Global Product Line

IHI is a global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier. IHI’s technology is incorporated into many aspects of everyday life, and its reach continues to grow as the business develops new products that are both intelligent and sustainable.

The following divisions represent IHI’s diverse product lines:

  • Energy, gas process, storage and environment protection
  • Aero engines and space operations
  • Social infrastructures and security related technologies
  • Machinery and logistic systems
  • Rotating machinery
  • Vehicle turbochargers
  • Offshore project and steel structures
  • Nuclear power plants.

IHI’s products have a wide and positive impact on society. IHI makes turbochargers that improve the efficiency of motor vehicles, boiler and gas turbine power plants that deliver reliable electricity, and bridges and infrastructure that connect people and places. The range of products is vast and their applications even more so.

For more details, please refer to IHI’s main website.

IHI Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (IEA)

IHI supplies equipment and complete EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) services for power generation plant technologies to Australia-Oceania through its local subsidiary, IEA. As with its parent company in Japan, IEA delivers tailored solutions for the local market while remaining economical and adhering to all relevant standards.

Key local products include:

  • IHI LM series gas turbine packages
  • IHI pulverised coal-fired boilers
  • Niigata AGS series reciprocating gas engines

IEA is also a distributor and aftersales support centre for IHI products in Australia-Oceania. The range includes industrial machinery, materials handling equipment, cranes, manufacturing robots, X-ray scanners and more. IEA strives to supply our customers with industry-leading technology solutions that deliver exceptional quality, performance and value in the most safe and sustainable way. The business excels at meeting residential and industrial power generation demands in the geographical region, cementing its position in the local market. Find out how IEA is powering the local market by browsing through the products below.