Other Products

IUK Countinuous Ship Unloader_400_280 8000 TH Shiploader for Iron Ore - 1966 - conditional_400_280 8000 TH Reclaimer, for Coal (2 Units) 1984 (2) - conditional_400_280 7500 TH Stacker for Iron Ore 1979 - conditional_400_280

Our focus is on long-term customer satisfaction and we take pride in our comprehensive aftersales support covering all phases of product life cycle from delivery and commissioning, to operations and maintenance. As we have been doing since 1971, IEA is pleased to provide maintenance support to customers in Australia-Oceania for a variety of other IHI-supplied products including reciprocating engines, compressors, X-ray machines, material handling equipment, metal processing machines and many others.

Please contact us for further information or inquiries about your maintenance needs.