Workplace Health, Safety & Environment

Workplace Health, Safety & Environment

IHI Engineering Australia (IEA) is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all our workers and visitors, and for all contractors engaged to carry out work at any of our workplaces. IEA is also committed to ensuring that its operations do not adversely affect the environment in which we conduct our business.

As part of that commitment, IEA has established and maintains a Workplace Health Safety and Environmental (WHSE) management system. This management system covers all activities across all our workplaces.

Our goal is to achieve zero harm to all workers, and zero environmental incidents across all our workplaces.

To demonstrate the seriousness of our commitment IEA has acquired third party accreditation of our WHSE management system to AS4801 and ISO14001.

For further details, please review our full policies below;

Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy