IHI Corporation, 1853

IHI Corporation, formerly known as Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., has a long and proud history that began in its founding country, Japan. The business was established in December 1853 and has its current headquarters in Tokyo. IHI Corporation is a key player in its industry, with nearly 200 subsidiaries and affiliates based all around the world.

IHI Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (IEA), 1971

In 1971, IHI Engineering Australia Pty Ltd was established as a subsidiary of IHI Corporation to support the construction of the BHP Steel Port Kembla No. 5 blast furnace. Since its establishment, IEA has diversified into several industries in Australia-Oceania including metal works, port handling facilities, coal-fired boilers, gas turbines, oil and gas, and food processing industries. Through countless successes in delivering major projects to customers here, IEA along with IHI have cemented their reputation as both a high quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provider and a reliable and solid EPC contractor committed to the Australia-Oceania market.

IEA—Part of Australia’s History

Since 1971, when IEA was founded, Australia has enjoyed significant progress, and IEA is proud to have been a key contributor to the modernisation of Australian industry, in particular to the power generation industry. IHI boilers and gas turbines are producing reliable power for millions of Australians accounting for almost 20% of total electricity generation capacity. Over our long history, IEA has been instrumental in the delivery of several major projects including:

  • One coal-fired power station (two Units as EPC contractor) in Western Australia
  • 13 large-scale pulverised coal-fired boilers (as EPC contractor) in New South Wales and Queensland
  • 13 LM6000 gas turbines (as EPC contractor) in Victoria and Western Australia
  • Maintenance and spare parts for boilers, gas turbines and IHI products
  • Processing equipment for the mining, port and steel industries

Ongoing Support

After handover, IEA supports the long-term successful operation and maintenance of equipment and plant delivered by IHI as well as by other OEMs through comprehensive aftersales maintenance services, technical support and spare parts supply. Through our engineering resources in Sydney and Perth, IEA specialises in maintenance of coal-fired boilers and LM6000 gas turbines.

160 Years of Experience

In 2013, IHI Corporation celebrated 160 years anniversary since its establishment in 1853. Just like our parent company, IEA is committed to continually support our customers in Australia-Oceania and to maintain our solid reputation for quality, reliability and performance. As we have done up to the present, IEA will continue to strive to enhance the prosperity and quality of life for all citizens of Australia-Oceania far into the future through continual project excellence and implementation of tomorrow’s sustainable technologies today.