Board of Directors

Tosihiro Yamakawa – Managing Director

Toshihiro YAMAKAWA joins IEA with thirty (30) years’ experience within the IHI Group. He has engineering background and his ample experience includes engineering and project management for energy plant project, regional marketing & business development for ASIA Pacific, involvement as Country General Manager for Malaysia in many of IHI’s core businesses for “Resources, Energy and Environment”, “Industrial systems and General Purpose Machinery”, “Social infrastructure and offshore facilities” and “Aero Engine, Space and Defense” .
Toshihiro joins IEA to continue and grow the primary business of EPC management and maintenance in the power generating and resources industry, whilst bringing new energy and perspective to the business. With IHI’s evolvement into a comprehensive heavy industry manufacturer since it was Ishikawajima Shipyard in 1853, IEA will work and focus to position IHI products strongly in the Australia and Oceania region. Contribute to the development of society through technology.


Victor Alalikin—Director of Business Development

Victor has more than twenty-five (25) years’ experience with IEA and directly contributed to the delivery of many of IEA’s EPC projects in Australia. His sound engineering knowledge, power generation industry experience and unique understanding of IHI’s product range has been key to the success of IEA’s projects in Australia. Since 1990 his roles in IEA have included project engineer, project manager, senior project manager, and as of 2007, General Manager for GT Projects and promotion to Director in 2010.
Victor has always admired the corporate culture at IEA that is defined by a Japanese attitude of cooperation and team spirit. He is looking forward to imparting that legacy to IEA’s next generation of engineers and support staff.