About Us

About Us

IHI Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) is a Sydney-based engineering and construction company. As a part of IHI Group, we represent our Japanese parent company, IHI Corporation, its worldwide group operation, and provide the Oceania market of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea with IHI’s products and services.

We specialise in engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of power stations in Australia-Oceania.

Our customers include power utility companies, mining companies, developers and operators in the energy industry, and a variety of government business units and corporations.

We hold a leading position in the power industry and are pioneers in researching and developing alternative energy sources. IEA and our parent company, IHI Corporation, are at the forefront of advancements utilising coal, gas and other fuels in new and innovative ways.

IEA strives to continually raise living standards and quality of life by producing exceptional technology. To understand the unique place that IEA holds in the local market, please read more about our history and our capabilities.